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Welcome to our new members who have joined in the recent months.

 Website last update: 9st April 2024 (Home and Calendar)

Coffee mornings, for WRA MEMBERS, at the Floral Days Cafe are held with the much appreciated cooperation of the staff of Hilltop Garden Centre. It gives us the opportunity to meet members in a friendly and welcoming environment. Coffee mornings are held on every second Tuesday of the month at 10.00am. For a Picture Gallery showing some recent Events and Coach Trips, please click here. For a list of Future events planned for the next few months click here.

AGM - Officers and Committee members nomination

To download a Nomination form please click here.

Current Activities and Events Sheet

To download an A4 sized copy of the current Activities & Events Poster, please click here.


* Ensure that the Aims of the Association are met.
* Ensure that fairness and equality are always upheld.
* It is essential to have your own computer, printer and smart phone.
* To have experience and knowledge of Committee Procedure.
* Set the committee agenda in conjunction with the Secretary.
* Lead the meeting and maintain order.
* Understand the Constitution.
* Write a monthly article for the Parish News.
* Write a monthly report for the Parish Council and email it to the PC Clerk.
* Attend the PC meetings and present your report to the audience.
* Proofread formal minutes of meetings after having been received from the Minute Secretary.
* Once you confirm they are a correct record and truthful representation of the meeting’s events they can be sent to the Secretary.
* Be aware of all weekly and monthly activities.
* Attend as many of the weekend events as possible.
* Take phone calls between 9am and 9pm every day.
* Manage the WhatsApp for the committee members.
* Attend the monthly coffee mornings at Hilltop Garden Centre.
* Circulate to meet members at all group gatherings.
* You should be confident with Public Speaking.

For ‘From our Chairman‘ please click here

WRA Calendar will have all the details…

Walking Football each week in the Village Hall.

WRA activities in the Village Hall

Speaker Afternoons (Monthly – 3rd Monday)
Walking Football (Weekly – normally Friday afternoons)
Knit and Natter (Twice monthly – 2nd & 4th Monday evenings)
Craft Afternoons  (Once a month – 1st Wednesday)
Table Tennis/Cards/Games (Once a month – normally 3rd Wednesday afternoons)

View and download a letter sent by WRA objecting to the Planning Application regarding additional 280 homes to be built in Weeley. Click here to download the letter.

The new events calendar has controls to jump to a particular month. When the calendar is opened, it displays the next 3 months of events. It is capable of showing a week of events or just a day of events. If on this (home) page an event such as a coach trip is advertised, it will be possible to jump straight to that event in the calendar which will show complete set of details for that event. For any problems or feedback, please contact me Derek Ward (by using ‘Contact Us‘ webpage).

Diary Dates...

WRA new membership database (Mojo) is now operational. Please login and check your details. For an easy Mojo logging in guide, click here. If you cannot login and would like to or if you have any other queries please contact Derek Ward or Kevin Miller (please use ‘Contact Us‘ webpage).

Information about payments to WRA (e.g. events and coach trips) including bank transfers please click here

11th November – ABBA Magic at Weeley.

Future Events...

The Cotswolds – 12th April 2024. (click here)

Aylsham & Wroxham – 10th May 2024. (click here)

Summer Ball – 1st June 2024. (click here)

Community Day – 9th June 2024. (click here)

Cromer/Sheringham – 14th June 2024. (click here)

Repair Shop Museum – 24th August 2024. (click here)